Cultivating Myths & Exploring Magic

Magic happens, in life, in the studio and certainly in the creative process. The exploration of myth and magic is adventure in the studio as well as in daily life. My upbringing as the daughter of a farm implement dealer led me to be quite comfortable with the idea of “cultivation”. As I moved around the world with my family I was also exposed to the magic that culture can play in everyday life. In my art I pay homage to the magic that happens when combining trust with process in the studio workplace.

Paintings, mixed media works and wooden wall sculptures combine to tell the story of this everyday magic. The wall sculpture “Cultivating Text” was built to honor those literary works which have inspired magic in my life; stories, books and poems so compelling that I aspire through the visual process to recreate the impact they convey. The wooden wall structures are constructed as contemporary shrines and altars. Each shrine is built in such a fashion as to protect and feature those objects which have their own intrinsic magic through loving use or primordial aesthetic beauty. In the paintings and mixed media pieces I am allowed to be more spontaneous with my materials. The mixed media paintings are often a great way to be involved in the ever burning question: “Who will I become?” 

Working in both a spontaneous process and a very structured process has given me a sense of balance in my studio life. This balance has enabled me to see my life as created in both myth and magic.

~ Celeste Simon

Just Fly Book Flight

Just Fly & Book of Flight
from Celeste Simon’s rusted paper series

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